Monday, February 24, 2014

Making Space

One of the funny things about moving is that it really makes you think about whether or not a room is cluttered and about what you need.  The simplest things, I find, can make a big difference!  

One such silly thing is the trash can in our kids' bathroom.  It has been on the outside of the vanity, sitting next to it for the past 2 years.  I realized two weeks ago that I could fit it underneath the sink inside the vanity.  I moved a few things around and took out what really wasn't needed there and voila!  One less thing to clutter up the floor and bump into.  I moved the bath toys up to a shelf and put the shampoos/conditioners all in a small basket.  It looks cleaner already!

Another thing I did was in my son's bedroom.  He loves to leave legos out that he's working on (please forgive me if I've already mentioned this on this blog).  The clutter on his dresser at times would drive me crazy!  So, I placed a large bath mat in the corner of his room and a small cardboard box next to it with the essential pieces.  He has three large boxes of legos under his bed, but my husband explained to me that it's very hard to find particular pieces in big underbed boxes...  So, the small box sits next to the legos on the mat.  They fill the mat, but it looks less cluttered because that space is just for legos.  It also gives my son parameters and guidance on how to pick up his room.  

Lastly, I bought a smaller trash can for our recycling that will fit under the countertop instead of taking up more floor space.  Moving it opened up that area and it's surprising how much less cluttered that part of the kitchen feels where it used to stand!  

I think next time we're settled into a house, I'm going to pull out my camera and think about how I can simplify the floor space.  I wish I'd done these three things 2 years ago when we moved in!

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