Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Favorite Glue

A few years ago, I found something at Home Depot that I love. It's my favorite glue.

It is a great thing!  I like this glue a lot more than gorilla glue. A lot of people like gorilla glue, but we bought one bottle and the top sealed itself to the bottle before we could use it again.  What a waste!  This glue has been much more dependable for me.  It has a screw top lid and dries clear.  There is some that is white and dries white, though.  

I've used this glue to fix a lot of little things.  One example is when I glued on a piece of baseboard trim because I couldn't get a nail in at the awkward angle that was needed.  And beneath that trim was a little piece of wood that I had fitted into a hole in the floor.  (I had shaped the wood with my dremel).  

Next to caulk, this is my favorite fixer.  

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