Monday, April 6, 2015

My Easter Ham

I did not grow up eating ham on Easter, so I have very little experience cooking ham!  Two years ago, I discovered the amazing trick of cooking a ham in a crock pot...

Cook a bone in ham (non spiral-sliced type) in a large crockpot.  ALL DAY.  It will fall apart like corned beef and be salty--in an especially yummy way.  Put 1 cup of liquid in with the ham and some brown sugar if you'd like.  This is a cheap way to make a cheap ham really yummy.

But, for Easter, I get a spiral sliced ham.  Last year, I tried the oven cooking method at 275 degrees.  I placed it in a pan and covered it in aluminum foil (I think), but after 2 hours, it still wasn't warm in the center.  So, we sliced it off the bone and had to heat it in the microwave so that we could eat on time.

With that memory on my mind--of past hams not hot inside--  I looked online for directions.  I had a spiral sliced ham to heat again this year and I really wanted my endeavor to be successful in heating it through.  So, after looking around, I settled on how I was going to do it... and it worked!!

Directions for heating a spiral sliced ham:
Heat oven to 325 degrees.
Take ham out of wrapper.  Place ham inside a Reynolds oven bag (I used a turkey size.)  The directions on the bag say to put 1 Tbsp of flour in the bottom.  Then, you tie the bag with some cooking twine.  The bag comes with a metal twist tie, but I wasn't comfortable using it.  So, I folded the end over and tied it.  The plastic bag isn't supposed to go over the pan, so this helps it stay tighter.  Then, Cut six 1/2" slits around the top.  Cook a 10 lb. ham for 1 hr. 30 min.  Check at 1 hr. 15 min.

Here's a link to the cooking info on Reynolds' site.
A second faq I found helpful is:

I so thankful and pleased that it worked!  My ham heated through!  Yippee!  I am definitely doing it this way in the future.  Easter is trickier than other holidays because go to church and get home around 1 pm and want to eat around 3 pm.  This method of doing the ham is going to make our Easter dinner so much easier from now on!

I made two sauces to serve on the side:  Pineapple Sauce and a simple mustard sauce.

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