Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taking your blood pressure

A few weeks ago, I had a stress reaction to wearing a Vivofit bracelet.  I broke out in hives for 4 days and after a few days I realized I was having a hard time breathing.  I saw the dermatologist about the hives, but I wasn't quite sure what to do about the breathing.  I figured it would calm down after a few days, but the next time I was in a grocery store, I took my blood pressure to make sure that was okay in light of my other reactions.  It was easy enough to do.  I realized that it can be helpful to have a blood pressure monitor around if there are any questions.  High blood pressure runs in my family and I'm working on managing my stress.  I've never had high blood pressure before and I'm hoping I won't.  But, I recognize that it's a good thing to keep track of.

So, I tried a blood pressure monitor at home by Measupro, the BPM20A.  This blood pressure monitor is very easy to use. The instruction manual gives very specific directions about how often and how to use it. I love that it records two people (up to 60 records). The date and time are recorded with the machine. It only takes AAA batteries which are very inexpensive to replace. The only direction that is missing is that you should plug the arm cuff into the side. The numbers are very clear, big, and easy to read.

As a person who has never used one of these myself before, I found it easy to follow. The white knob from the cuff goes into the side of the base. This is the one direction that is omitted and you do have to push it in. The directions do say to rest for 5 minutes before using (which is difficult for me with 3 kids running around that I need to take care of), but I rested for 2 or 3 minutes and then used it. My blood pressure was fine. The manufacturer does recommend sitting in the same location at the same time each day to measure your blood pressure--so that you can control more variables and get a more consistent reading. This makes sense. Also, for those who don't know which measurement to choose, you'll want to choose the mmHg in the US.

When I looked around at the prices of various monitors, it was interesting that they range in price from about $30-$50 or even more.  This one is moderately priced at $45.  

I am both pleased and surprised by how easy this was to set up and use!

Please note that I was sent a complimentary monitor by MeasuPro to review.

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