Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bring a Leather Purse Back to Life

I suppose that's a boring title for a post.  But, that's really what I want to write about!  This weekend we went to NYC and I took my brown leather Coach purse that I've had for several years.  I like it a lot--it's just a little small.  I wanted a new purse, but reconsidered.  I had two problems.  1.  My wallet is too big for it and 2.  The corners and sides of the purse really show their wear.

So, I started looking.  A friend of mine had her credit card swiped by a card reader when she was in a crowd traveling in Europe last year, so I knew I wanted an RFID wallet, but I needed a good size.  On our trip, I discovered that Fossil makes many of their wallets RFID protective.  Most stores have some that are.  Kohl's has some as well.  I realized quickly that finding a wallet the right size isn't going to be as easy as I thought!

But, my other concern about my purse was how to bring it back to life.  I went into the Coach purse and though the sales lady said they could clean it, I couldn't really bring it back to life.

She turned out to be wrong.

Last night, I remembered a leather conditioner cream that I bought several (several!) years ago from Nordstrom's made by Brahmin.  At the time, it was $10, but it has lasted me for years.  I brought it upstairs and hoped for the best with my purse.  I used it on my purse and ten minutes later my purse looked new again!

I'm reminded of several things.  It's so easy to think that I need to replace something that looks like it needs a lot of repair.  But, it feels so much better to fix it up than get something new.  The second was that going with a smaller purse compelled me to ask what I really need.  I found that there were a lot of cards and other things in my purse that I didn't really need.  Having less to carry around is a lot less stressful in the end than carrying around a lot for me.

Have you gone through your purse lately? :)

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