Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dogs: Frontline and Furminator

This weekend I needed to order our puppy some more Frontline. It is surprising how expensive dogs are. I am so thankful we are past the first 9 months. We spent an average of 200-300 per month those first 9 months. That may sound crazy, but we have a Golden Retriever so she had to get spayed, she had to get her appointments (since we got her as an 8 week old puppy) and then had to purchase everything you need for a dog. She also goes through about $20 of toys each month. But, I'd rather have her chew those than our furniture =)

But, back to the Frontline. I am so excited! I had been purchasing it through my vet and it cost $53 plus $4 shipping. I found it at Petsense Online.
It was $33 plus $3 shipping for the 2 packages I bought. Yahoo! $69 for 6 months.

Costco had started carrying it last summer for $35, but they were always out of the package size for Molly's weight category. This makes things much easier.

I also bought a Furminator Furejector brush for Molly. We have a Golden Retriever and I bought the medium size for $33. Petsense had the best price. I am so thankful for it. I would definitely recommend the medium size (large is hard to handle and the small is a lot of work). The furejector really makes it a lot easier too since I have to hold her with one hand and brush her with the other. It really does cut down on hair all around the house. All my friends recommend it to me and I am so thankful that took their advice!

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