Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glasses and Contacts

My husband and I have always gotten our glasses at Costco. Even when we had a huge discount for Pearle Vision one year, it was still cheaper to go with Costco. I have a really bad eyesight and I have astigmatism. Usually, my glasses (w/lenses) run about $130. That's thin lenses with the coatings I need.

I just got a prescription for contacts today. I had to give up on them a few years ago because my fingers were so rough from dishwashing. But, my friend Colleen recommended these amazing gloves that have saved my hands. Bed Bath and Beyond carries them. They're called Casabella gloves. If you have sensitive hands and have to do a lot of handwashing, I highly recommend them. They have helped me so much. I also have contact dermatitis on my left hand to contend with, so I have to be extra careful. Anyways, my hands are finally soft enough (I hope) to handle contacts again. So, I got the prescription and started checking prices this afternoon. Here's the results:
1. 1800 contacts: $44 a box
2. Vision direct.com: $38 a box ($28 if you order 8 boxes--which is a lot to order at one time)
3. Costco: Yahoo!!! $30 a box and I can order as many or few boxes as I want and they'll arrive in 7 days.

I thought it was interesting that there was such a difference in price. I think I'll stick with Costco =)

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