Monday, July 12, 2010

Flower Girl Dresses

My brother is getting married in September and their wedding is straight out of a bridal magazine.  The challenge I recently faced was finding (more) affordable flower girl dresses and shoes.  The dresses my future sister in law first suggested were $150 each--which times two is $300!  Plus shoes, shawls, tights, etc....

So, I emailed the two homeschool networks I'm a part of and one person emailed back a great website to me.  I  found two dresses that I thought would look good on the girls and emailed a picture to my future sister in law.  She liked the more expensive of the two ($55 vs. $45), but $55 is still so much better than $150!  I am very thankful for this.  I ordered the dresses and they arrived a few days later.

This is the dress I found:
The website is:

I did google and look for a coupon code for the website and found one at the time for 5% off.  It saved me $5 so I was thankful for every little bit.

The one downside if you have questions is that if you try to call them by phone, they won't answer.  They will however return your email, if you email them.  At first, this made me anxious, but the dresses arrived just fine and they fit the girls perfectly!  The girls are thrilled (and so am I) for God's provision!

I also found white glittery shoes at Target (that are really ivory) on clearance for $6.50 a pair.  I bought 2 sizes for each of the girls since the wedding is 3 months away.  Even so, the total for the shoes was $26 instead of $30 for one pair of ivory dress shoes online.

The other little blessing the Lord helped me find was 4 rolls of ivory ribbon and a yard of ivory fleece for $2.  I plan on making shawls for the girls.

I was very apprehensive about how much it would all cost and though it is still expensive, it is far better than it could have been!  My estimate is that if the dresses were $150 and the shoes $30, the total would have been  about $400 instead of the $132 that we spent. =)  Thank you Lord for your provision!

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