Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts about Pizza

It's funny, but for many years now, I've thought that the most economical way to feed a family pizza is to order cheese and not opt for the extra toppings.  But, this week, I really wanted pizza that wasn't plain.  So, I ordered one large cheese for the kids and one large that was half chicken and pineapple and half meatball.  Usually, I eat 4 pieces of pizza.  I have realized that I eat a lot--I think it's all the running around after my kids that I do each day.  But, the other night I only ate two pieces!  One chicken and pineapple and the other was cheese.  The piece with chicken and pineapple filled me up.

Here's the conclusion I came to:  maybe I was wrong.  Maybe cheese is the best option for kids--since that's what they love.  But, for adults, it's wiser to get one or two toppings on the pizza--particularly if one is a meat or chicken topping.  It will make the pizza a lot more filling for adults.  I suppose it's not probably healthier to eat two pieces with sausage than 3 pieces with plain cheese.  But, I think two pieces (health and money wise) with chicken is better than 3 pieces with plain cheese.

I know it probably sounds silly that I think about things like this, but I do. =)

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