Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A funny thing happened at BJs a few weeks ago...

A few weeks ago, it was time for the monthly change of our air conditioning filter.  I'd run out, so I headed over to BJs.  There were 2 packages left but no price tag up on the rack.  I picked up both packages and headed to the checkout lane.  After checking out all of my other items, the checker called over the supervisor for help.  

It turns out that the 2 pk of filters rang up for 3 cents.  Really.  It rang up for 3 cents!  He thought it was a fluke as did the checkout supervisor, so they called the store manager.  Nope.  3 cents it was.  I went back to see if there were anymore.  There was--1 more package.  It was a little bent, but for 3 cents I was willing to try them. It was only the cardboard frame that was a little bent.  

So, that day I left BJs with 6 air conditioning filters for a 11 cents.  Normally, a 2 pk is $15.  So, instead of being $45 plus tax, it was only 11 cents.  

The lesson I learned that day...  it never hurts to ask how much something is!  You may just find an extra good deal!

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