Sunday, September 4, 2011

To See God Provide

One of the things that brings me such sweet joy is to see how God works things out.  My younger daughter's tennis shoes started coming apart yesterday.  They needed to be replaced ASAP.

At the beginning of the summer, I had bought there the cheapest--yes, literally the cheapest tennis shoes Target had for $10/pr for each of the girls.  It was summer and I knew that their sandals would be what they'd wear most of the time and that they'd probably grow some more over the summer.  I anticipated buying new tennis shoes in the fall.  The girls were happy with them because they liked the colors of the shoes (pink and white) and I was thankful that they didn't mind the cheap construction of them (the price was justified).

Well, fall is here.

The girls are getting to an age where they need better athletic shoes.  I want them to have some support for their feet.  So, we've been going to the Stride Rite outlet when we can for tennis shoes.  But, that takes planning and time.  Neither of which I have in the immediate future.  So, I went by the Stride Rite store in the mall.  The tennis shoes were all very flashy except for some Saucony's that were $49/pr.  They did have a buy one get one half off sale, but that would have made two pairs of shoes $75 plus tax.  It felt a bit steep to me and the shoe colors were flashier than I'd like.  So, we left without any new shoes.  

We traveled onward.   

I thought we'd stop by Dick's Sporting Goods on the way home just to check to see if they had any.  They only had 1 style.  It happened to be on sale!  They were $30/pr but they only had 1 pair of 12s and my girls both wear size 12.  So, the sales associate checked the online store and found the same price online.  I learned that if you order them from the store, you won't pay shipping.  Yahoo!  So, Sami left the store wearing new shoes (I had the cashier throw the old ones away) and Autumn has a package on its way in the mail with her new shoes.  Both girls are happy, though Autumn is already pining for her package to arrive.  I can't blame her.  She was a great sport about it.

It was interesting at the Stride Rite when Sami told me she liked the flashy shoes and I explained that I didn't. I shared with her that I would choose what I thought might be some good choices and ask them if they like them.  After this summer's experience with Sami, I know this is important.  I bought her some sandals that she only thought were so-so and wouldn't wear them until her old ones were literally falling apart.  Thankfully, this one pair came in white/teal/light yellow and the girls both loved the colors!  

The total came to $60 plus tax for the two pairs.  

I was very thankful to save some money on the shoes and see God provide a pair of shoes that Sami, Autumn, and I all like.  It was a little blessing that made me smile.  

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