Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Newspaper Subscriptions

I know that everyone thinks newspapers are a dying artifact of our culture.  But, the fact is, I enjoy them!  I look forward to the paper delivery on Saturday and the coupons that come with it.  I look forward to reading the news in print form.

I have been subscribing to the local newspaper wherever I lived since I was in college.  There is a trick I've learned along the way.  Usually, promotional rates are for a year period.  When the year is over, the weekly rate will go up.  I always discover this when the bill takes a big hike for the next period.  

That happened to me today.  In the past, I've opened up the newspaper to compare rates that they are offering and called to sign up for one of the rates listed.  They've stopped publishing these rates, so I called the newspaper.  I asked what promotions they have available.  Usually, the best rate is only open to new subscriptions.  I discovered when I asked that there is a rate available for $1.50 per week (vs. the $4.50/week I had just been charged on the most recent bill).  I told the customer service gal I would like to sign up for that promotion.  She mentioned it starting when this billing cycle ended.  I informed her that I'd like it to start this week.  I knew I could ask for that (since I had done this in the past).  She good naturedly said "Okay."  

My paid up date extended by 2 months with that phone call.  Yay!

So, that's my newspaper renewal story :)

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