Friday, October 7, 2011


My mom is moving here today.  I am very excited.  The kids are excited.  We are all excited!  But, there is a bit of overwhelming to the move as well.  Moving her things into storage, shipping her car cross country, changing Medicare supplements, changing doctors, changing auto information and documents...

One of the things about me is that I love to give gifts.  I am thankful that God has allowed me to garage sale and shop sales so that I can do this inexpensively and stretch our budget.  Garage saling in this part of the country is just about over for the year.  The cool weather is setting in and there isn't as many daylight hours each day.  Last Saturday we went to a 5k for a local crisis pregnancy center.  We had a great time.  Afterwards, we stopped by the local farmer's market and then the donut shop.  My husband was ready to go home.  I had heard about a garage sale at a church that might still be going on.  I wanted to go.  My husband said I could if I dropped him and the kids off at home.

I called my garage saling partner in crime and she was free, so we headed over.  I told my husband I'd only be gone 20 minutes.... 2 hours later I arrived home!

I was very thankful for his patience and for the treasures I arrived home with.  One of my mom's concerns has been having clothes for the cold weather that is coming.  She's going to need to layer and have some warmer fleeces/sweaters.  I was so thankful that I found a sweater for her for $2 and 2 fleece pullovers for $1.  I also found her 2 shirts for $1 each.  What a blessing!  I also found a brand new address book for 50 cents.

I wanted to be able to give my mom a welcome gift and these were perfect!  My mom is going to be making new friends and need a new address book.  God showed me how He provides even our hearts' little desires.

By the way, my husband was okay with my long jaunt when I brought home a few cds for him that I'd found in my treasure hunting!

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