Monday, October 26, 2009


Homeschooling is definitely cheaper than private school, but it definitely is not cheap. I spread out my curriculum purchases for the next year through the year and it still feels crunched a little at times. Right now, I've been deliberating about science. I want a book that has beautiful pictures, is not 15 years old, will help children retain what they've learned and use mostly everyday materials. I am using Harcourt this year (used via Amazon). I looked all over today and perused a lot of samples on CBD (I am very thankful that you can do that there), but didn't come up with anything great. I like the My Pals are Here curriculum from Singapore Science, but it is $208 for 2 years and that's a lot to sink into something without being certain that I will really like it. So, I think my feeling is that I will stick with Harcourt again for next year. If anyone has any other suggestions that are affordable =) please let me know!

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