Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am one of those people who is willing to return something. With little kids, it is very hard sometimes to try things on in the store. So, I will take things home and then return them. I love Target because you can return things with your credit card even if you don't have your receipt. Costco and BJ's are my next favorite places because of their return policies.

We bought a new tv and dvd/vcr back at the end of July. We've had issues with the tv, but none big enough to make us return it. But, every week, we've been frustrated with it. But, then yesterday, I tried the vcr and discovered it didn't work at all! I called Samsung and discovered it was definitely broken and I could either ship it to them or see what Costco's policy was. So, I called Costco. I found out that we had 90 days to return the items we'd purchased! Yahoo!!! So much easier than dealing with shipping the dvd/vcr to Samsung.

So, I broached the subject of the tv with my husband and offered to return it and deal with the customer service. He agreed that it would be wise--it really didn't work the way it was supposed to. So, he ended up going today and returned them both! Yahoo!!! Our new tv works great and we got a plain dvd. We now need to get a vcr, which I guess you can't find on its own anymore. But, we'll figure that one out.

I don't like combo items. If one part breaks, then you're in trouble. We have a coffee maker and a grinder. We have an Oreck vacuum. We have a component stereo. We definitely like things separate. But, it seems like it's easier to fix a part or replace one part--than throw away the whole because one part doesn't work!

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