Thursday, October 8, 2009

One of those things about being frugal...

I find that it's often hard to not shop around. I worry that I haven't gotten a good price. But, I'm coming to a place where I just don't have a lot of time to shop around. So, I've often switched to choosing a store that I know is reasonable and then picking from what they have.

Sami needs a new coat for the winter. I went online and found one at REI for $65 =( and then went to Target and found one for $27. But, the liner wasn't zippered in. I just knew I was going to get totally frustrated having to zipper 2 zippers for her every time we go out in the really cold weather. I could see lots of frustration ahead. As much as I'm concerned with price, I am also concerned with simplicity. So, I passed on it and decided to look at BJ's.

Yay! I found an Osh Kosh winter jacket for Sami for $25. =) Quick and easy and I am so thankful!

On the same trip today, I found slippers there. I didn't grow up with slippers, but I have found that since we have hard woods and the winter is cold here, we have to get a new pair of slippers for each of the kids each winter. Last year, I went to about 5 stores looking for slippers. I like ones with a sole on them. If they don't have a sole, my little Sami is bound to break her foot again. Anyways, I found them today! BJ's has Carter's slippers with a sole for $10. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone is looking for slippers too =) They're easy to get on and off and very simple and cute.

I am so thankful that I felt like I didn't pay too much and got so many things taken care of in one trip (along with groceries of course)!

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