Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lemon-Thyme Shortbread

I got a new cookbook this week from Amazon for review. It is titled Savory Baking. My husband loves savory foods and I am the sweets eater in our house (I've converted the kids to the sweet side). I requested it as a way to find some fun recipes to cook for him.

Today I started with Lemon Thyme Shortbread. It sounds different, doesn't it? It was pretty easy and I think turned out the way it was supposed too--though it didn't look as pretty as their picture. It was very different. It isn't a cookie, really. I think I would serve it with cheese and vegetables as an appetizer. But, when I start thinking of it as a cookie, it almost sounds too weird to taste!

There is another recipe in it that I'm going to try for Creme Fraiche. I've always been curious about it and the recipe looks very easy. I'll let you know how it goes--if it turns out well.

As I looked through the cookbook, I wondered how many people really cook recipes like the ones in this cookbook regularly. The author is a pastry chef who teaches at CIA. I actually spent 10 minutes looking at one recipe trying to figure out if I needed raw or cooked shrimp for it since the recipe didn't specify.

I love flavorful, good food that's not too hard to prepare and isn't bland. I wish there were more cookbooks included recipes for food like that =) But, then again, I realize that cooking is such a personal thing and we all have different tastes and preferences! I love going to people's homes and seeing what cookbooks they have. It tells me so much about them and what their families enjoy eating!

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