Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picky Eaters

Humbled. It is good to be reminded how much I have to learn! I love to encourage and help people but I need to remember how much God wants me to listen to what others have to share with me! I was reminded of this tonight as a sweet new friend encouraged me about family eating habits. I know she is right.

Eating habits and kids are such hard calls! There's so much involved. Food allergies, personalities, strong wills, sensitive stomachs, and I'm sure there's many more things that affect what kids will and will not eat. In our house, we have the strong wills to contend with. Autumn will eat just about anything--she always has. Sami won't. She just won't. Eli is somewhere in between. He surprises me often like he did tonight when he tried the artichoke leaf dipped in butter--as did Autumn, but not Sami.

I think I've gotten so upset about it that I finally realized I have to get better about not taking it personally and thinking about my motives for being upset in the first place. I think most issues with our kids really come back to us. At least they often do for me.

I'm reading a book called The Silent Seduction of Self Talk by Shelly Beach as a part of my devotions in the morning. I've only finished 2 chapters, but it has called me on the carpet!

So, I think I first have to get myself calmed down and get perspective about Sami's eating (what's really important and what's not) and then I'll be able to press on and continue to introduce new foods to her =)

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