Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smoke Smells...

Smoke is such a hard smell to get out of things =( A friend asked me if I had any suggestions on how to get a smoke smell out of something. This is what I've found...

Books--I haven't found a way for the smell to be taken out. I even put baking soda in a plastic bag and sealed the book inside for several days. No improvement. Now, I'm a lot more careful (and discrete) about trying to smell a book before I buy it if I'm suspicious at all at a thrift store, consignment sale, or a garage sale. All I could do with the book was recycle it.

Clothes--I use cold/cold water in my machine (per Miserly Moms money saving tips) and I have had good luck adding oxiclean powder with All free and clear. I usually wash the clothes once or twice and the smell has gone away. If the smell is really strong, I add a lot of oxiclean =)

Stuffed Animals--I made a mistake one time and forgot to ask an eBay seller about whether her home was smoke free. =( It wasn't. So, I recieved a very strongly smelling monkey in the mail. I washed it with oxiclean and All probably 10 times. It still smelled a bit so I let it sit in my laundry room for months. I would throw it in with the wash once in a while. Finally, it smells okay. I learned a huge lesson with that one!

Plastic--Vinegar. When our dog had diarrhea, I used the dog spray the pet store sold, but the only thing that really worked was plain white vinegar. I think that would be the best thing to work on plastic, too, if you could smell cigarette smoke around a plastic item. At least it's worth a try =)

What have you used? Have you had any luck with using other cleaners to get rid of the smell of smoke?

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