Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treats that are worth it and treats that aren't

Tonight the kids and I went out to eat at the chinese restaurant we love. I was so proud of them. They really did quite well. It cracks me up that they love the General Tso's chicken which does have a bit of zing. They all love it! Eli slurped up his lo mein noodles and ate his chicken and rice. Autumn loved everything and cleaned her plate. And then there was Sami. Dear Sami. She ate chicken. Just chicken. No lo mein. A tiny bite of broccoli and a tiny bite of corn. But not even any rice. Silly girl.

Afterwards, I thought it would be fun to go get a small cookie at Vaccarro's bakery in the mall. I was quickly reminded when the cashier rang me up why I bake my own cookies. It was $3.35 for 3 small cookies. At least he had given us one for free. Goodness! I definitely won't do that again.

I think a much better treat for the same $ is to go to Starbucks and get the kids each a kid hot chocolate. I think they're only $1.15 each and they get to feel very special like an adult. They don't heat the hot chocolate too hot. If you have a rewards card that you refill, then soy and flavoring are also free--I suspect if you had allergies to milk, you'd be able to get your child a small soy hot chocolate for the same price =)

Next time, I think we'll pass on the cookies and go for the hot chocolates instead and a place to sit down and enjoy them =)


  1. We asks for small cups of whip cream for the kids at Starbucks. They've never charged us and the girls love it!