Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new cookbook I'm excited about!

Along with a desire to be frugal, my husband and I deeply desire to support local agriculture and business. It is logically much wiser to buy food that is grown close to our homes than food that is shipped to America from places all over the world. Shipping costs money, but it also uses fuel and energy to get the food here. Buying locally also invests in our community where we live. It invests in people who live here and supports our local economy. All of this explanation brings me to the cookbook that I'm excited about!

A new cookbook is going to be published in the middle of this month called Dishing Up Maryland! by Lucie Snodgrass. Ms. Snodgrass is a Harford County resident, so she lives locally. She and her co-writer wrote this cookbook about where to find ingredients all over Maryland so that people can eat more local foods. There was an article about her cookbook in the Baltimore Sun's Taste section yesterday morning. I haven't seen the cookbook yet, but I will soon be receiving a copy and then I will post a review of it here and let you know what's in it and how the recipes are!

Honestly, my hope is that I will find some new sources of ingredients here in Maryland so that we will be able to support local agriculture more than we already do. I would love that! Especially, if it gave us excuses to make a few fun road trips =) to different places around Maryland.

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  1. Awesome! There's a new CSA nearby--Flying Plow Farm (dot com). It's organic. I've already put a msg. in asking them if they do tours/field trips and work days. There are a limited number of work-shares available, too.