Wednesday, April 7, 2010

eBay debacle...


On Monday, I ran into an issue with eBay. I tried to buy 2 of the same book from a seller, but the system wouldn't let me enter different addresses for them to be sent to. So, I began the process of trying to contact the seller SavvyMedia. I didn't hear back from the messages I sent them via eBay on Monday. When Tuesday rolled around and I still hadn't heard, I was frustrated. I didn't want to not have integrity in my purchases and commitments. I know that you have committed to buy an item on eBay when you click on it, but I don't exactly know if they'll come after you or not. Anyways, it took me several google searches to come up with a phone number that would actually get me to a live person at eBay's customer service. I had tried the help on the website, but it just gave me the run around. All they could do was email me the seller's email and phone number. I'd already emailed, but I tried the phone number and left a message.

Around noon, I finally got an email back from the seller and they cancelled the purchases. I went onto and bought the books from the seller that way. I felt like I still needed to buy the books from them since I had committed to it, but I don't think I'll be purchasing from them again.

If you ever need it, this is the phone number I called: 800-701-3229 I didn't have a pin number so I just pressed #. I had to wait probably 15 minutes to talk to someone.

I think that a lot of websites and companies work great--until you run into a problem! It makes me appreciate companies with good customer service all the more. I ran into this same problem with Norton. It was great until I had an issue. Then, it took a lot of time to get ahold of them and try to fix the problem. =(

Customer Service is actually why we bought our Bunn coffee maker. I called the company and someone answered the phone! She answered all of my questions and I knew for certain that it was the right coffee maker for us. She even sent us a low-flow sprayhead for free before I had even purchased it. (The low flow sprayhead makes the water go through slower so that it makes stronger coffee.)

My brother told me at the time that I like customer service, but that I wouldn't pay for it. I have to say--I disagree! It's why I bought my Bunn coffee maker and why I bought our Oreck vacuum cleaner at Costco and not at the store (the man at the store was pretty rude to me and the kids when I went to the store). I've been told though that the people are very nice at many Oreck stores.

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