Sunday, April 18, 2010

Target vs. Walmart

Why I shop at Target more than Walmart:

1) The aisles are wider.

2) The aisles seem shorter.

3) I can hear, see, and find my kids easier if they wander off.

4) Clearance at Target is usually at least 30% off.  I was at Walmart on Friday and something was on clearance. It was marked $19.00 instead of $19.96 =) It seemed kind of silly.  I think that is 5% off...

5) Target has more grocery items (at least the one near me) and good prices on what they have.  Skippy Natural is always about $2 and I don't have to wait for it to go on sale.  Cereal is also always a better price than the grocery stores or BJ's/Costco/Sam's Club.

6) The quality of the clothes, shoes, and socks, etc. seems better than at Walmart, but the prices are about the same.

7) There are less people.  I don't feel overwhelmed that I'm going to run into people every time I get to the end of an aisle--which is a big deal to me when I have 2 little kids walking who are barely as tall as the cart ;)

8) Target sends me coupons =)  I registered for all of my children on their baby registry and I think that put me on a coupon list.  

9) The pharmacist is really helpful.  One time I went to CVS and they didn't call me (though they had my phone number) to tell me that the insurance wouldn't authorize the prescription.  It was Friday and fortunately my husband had enough medicine to make it through the week.  I've never gone back to that particular store again.  The pharmacists at the Target near me are great.  Periodically there's a coupon in the Target ad for a $10 gift card with a new prescription.  I always cut them out and save them in case I'll need to take the kids in unexpectedly.  They will give you the gift card even if it is a one time prescription (which Rite-Aid won't do).

10) Returns are easy using my credit card even if I lose my receipt--which I always seem to do.

I suppose this might seem like a funny thing to make a list about!

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