Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Article below...

The article below was reprinted with the permission of Moody Publishers.  I've posted it on both of my blogs because it was something I've thought many times both in regards to my family (my other blog) and our finances (this blog) =).  

As I read the article, I agreed with what Debbie said--I could have said the same things many times (well maybe not about the preschool science project), but definitely about finding support and prayer.  

One of the hard things about making things stretch financially is choosing to be grateful always for the Lord's provision even when we'd wish for things to be easier.  

The grass always seems greener in other people's lives, but they have their own loads to carry too.  I loved Erma Bombeck's quote that "The Grass is always Greener over a septic tank."  

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