Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Bunk Bed Notes...

After I posted what I learned about bunk beds, I had a chance to talk with my friend Kim about bunk beds and she had several other interesting observations.

1.  She and her husband chose to get full over full bunk beds because her daughters move a lot in their sleep.  Consider your child's sleep habits when you get a bunk bed.  You may be more comfortable with IKEA's low loft bed (that's low and then put a mattress on the floor for the youngest child).

2.  A sturdy guard rail on top is something you really want.

3.  If you have a textured ceiling, be careful about getting a high bunk bed.  Her daughter sometimes will accidentally swipe her fingers on the ceiling as she's making her bed and it hurts.

4.  The angled ladder is definitely a good thing.

5.  Make sure you check the instruction manual for the bunk beds before you buy thick mattresses.  For my girls beds, the surface of the mattress needs to be at least 5" from the top of the guard rail and the mattress can't be more than 9" thick.

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