Monday, January 10, 2011

Motivation to Exercise

I am sadly not one of those people that loves to exercise.  I wish I was!  I admire people that have an innate enjoyment of exercise.  I exercise mostly because I want to take care of my body and I love to eat.  I know it's important to have a healthy view of food and exercise.  

My husband returned from a couple months away last April and I haven't really worked out since.  Life has gotten away from me.  But, I know it's time.  My kids are doing more work for me--thanks to their new chores and me holding them accountable.  That means less exercise for me.  A good friend had warned me that I should beware of this and not let the weight creep up on me.  Actually, she didn't warn me.  She shared her experience with me and I took note!  I logged it in my brain.

So, the trick for me is finding motivation.  I do about 5-7 loads of laundry a week for the 5 people in our house. My plan is to fold one load while I start my Walk Away the Pounds video.  By the time, I'm done with a load I'm 10 minutes into it (all the warm up time that doesn't require my arms, only my legs and walking/kicks).  So, it feels like I'm not wasting my time and I've already made it a significant way through the 30 minutes I need to do.

So, far I'm 2 days, 2 loads, and 2 workouts into it ;)

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